Pressure Sensor Breakout Board - MPS20N0040D-D


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A breakout board for the MPS20N0040D-D pressure sensor.  

This small electronic breakout board provides an easy way to interface the MPS20N0040D-D pressure sensor with a microcontroller or analogue to digital converter.  The board comes pre-tested with the pressure sensor included so all you have to do is connect it up to your microcontroller and away you go!  It has been tested and proven to work with the popular arduino boards and example code and instructions are provided.

If you need a tutorial on how to use this product then please check out the links below:

In order to use the sensor you will need some plastic tubing with an internal diameter of 3 mm.  This kind of tubing is available from most good hardware stores and pet stores which sell aquarium pumps etc.  You can also buy suitable tubing from amazon or ebay: